CAROLINA  began in mid-2006 following the official retirement of the Melody Masters Quartet, a name synonymous with quality southern gospel music.  Legendary names such as James “Big Chief” Wetherington, Jake Hess, and Wally Varner were Melody Masters whose tradition had been carried on by Scott Whitener, Roger Burnett, and Chris Roberts in a very popular and critically-acclaimed version of MMQ in the late 1990’s.  One by one, MMQ members began leaving the road and following a brief Melody Masters reunion tour in 2004-2005, Scott, Roger and Chris decided to launch a new endeavor.

Today CAROLINA performs in all types of venues and outdoor events, even appearing with Elvis from time-to-time as J.D. Sumner and the Stamps. Their sound is characterized by rich harmonies, their music is absorbed in solid and meaningful lyrics, and their style and presentation is synonymous with many of the great quartet vocal groups.

CAROLINA will challenge and strengthen your trust in God as they share the love of Jesus Christ in a celebration of our faith, family, and freedom.  Make plans to hear them soon!

Thank you to Charlie Griffin for his contribution to the individual descriptions below.